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Police Chief Removed in The Wake of A Sexual Harassment Suit

Feb. 8, 2021

A town in Georgia took the first step in firing its police chief after three females who were at one time part of filed suit.

The suit claimed that the chief engaged in a pattern of harassing behavior against all three women. The women are also each alleging that the chief inappropriately touched them.

The City’s government announced that it had suspended the police chief from his employment. The City also said that it was in the process of terminating the chief.

In the meantime, outside agencies are investigating the chief’s behavior. It is not clear whether the chief will face criminal charges for some of his alleged actions.

The women also alleged in their suit that the City did not do enough to prevent the chief’s misconduct. One woman in particular indicated that she reported the chief’s behavior to her supervisors and got no results. Eventually, an independent law enforcement agency concluded that the chief had violated the City’s sexual harassment rules.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Against Government Entities Are Complex

Sexual harassment can happen in any Georgia workplace, including within the halls of a government institution with a mission to protect people from sexual misconduct. When sexual harassment happens in its offices, the government agency involved should pay compensation.

However, filing a legal claim against a government entity is a complex process. Because traditionally governmental entities, like cities, could not be sued, doing so is seen as an exception to the rule.

As such, someone suing a local government will have to make sure to strictly follow all the rules and deadlines. This is one of many reasons why a victim of sexual harassment at a government agency should consider speaking with an experienced attorney.