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A Small Firm That Gets Big Results

At Fox & Weiss, P.A., our philosophy is simple; only by building strong relationships with our clients and getting to know them can you provide the kind of service necessary to help them throughout all phases of an employment case. This philosophy makes us very selective in choosing clients to represent. We prefer a relaxed approach to practicing law without bureaucracy or office politics. By keeping our expenses down, we keep our fees low.

Representing Clients in A Wide Range of Employment Disputes

Fox & Weiss, P.A., prides itself on the flexibility the firm has to be able to handle a wide range of legal issues. While the firm does have a wide range and knowledge in many areas, our lawyers primarily focus on the area of employment law. Our attorneys are experts in the employment field and have been serving Atlanta for many years. Our attorneys’ specialties include but are not limited to racial discrimination, age discrimination, discrimination based on sex, discrimination based on religion, discrimination based on disabilities, and discrimination based on national origin. Our lawyers are also experts in dealing with harassment, including sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid wages, overtime, employment contracts, wrongful discharge, wrongful termination, and representing whistleblowers.

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Clifford Maxwell Weiss

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