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Professional and Very Responsive

Outstanding Employment Lawyer!!! I called and explained my situation and a consultation was set immediately. After this meeting Mr. Weiss accepted my case. He was professional and very responsive. He worked until the case was settled. I would HIGHLY Recommend this Law Firm to anyone as Clifford Weiss Get Results!!!

- Latoya Walker

By Far the Best

I have worked for almost 50 years with some of the largest and most successful Corporations in the world and have had many opportunities to manage their cases, from sales and marketing issues to thorny personnel concerns, with the top business Attorneys. Clifford Weiss, however, is by far the best. He cannot be intimidated, is always the smartest person in the room or on the call and he knows the Law cold. He is highly ethical, has a productivity that never quits and I have always found him a comfort and a pleasure to be with. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the very best in representation.

- Robert J. Bryant

Professional and Straight Forward

I called Mr. Weiss about an issue and he immediately informed me of actions to take. My situation was taken care of within an hr. Thank you Mr. Weiss for your assistance!! He was very responsive and he listened to me, he was professional and straight forward. If you’re looking for someone who is for you Mr. Weiss definitely is!!! Thank you!!!!

- Taneshia Gatica-Perez

Very Knowledgeable and Professional

I found Mr. Weiss to be a very knowledgeable and professional lawyer. He was responsive and took time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand. He really exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him.

- Tom W.

Professional, Responsive, Knowledgeable and Helpful

Cliff Weiss has been an exceptional help to our family with many legal questions and situations throughout the past few years. He is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend his services!!!

- Saralyn Walker

Very Knowledgeable

Great results, very knowledgeable lawyer, very professional. Cliff exceeded my expectations and he solved successfully my case in a very short period of time. Great job!

- Stefania Masciullo


Amazing Attorney! Knowledgeable, Responsive and GETS GREAT RESULTS!

- Helen Haney

I Would Recommend Him Without Hesitation

I have a retail and E-Commerce business in Atlanta and have been working with Cliff for many years. He’s very organized, reliable and gets results. He’s well versed on a number of topics that impact a small business. He’s a superb lawyer and I would recommend him without hesitation. I plan to continue working with him for many more years to come!

- Eugene Tutunikov

HIGHLY Recommend

I have worked with this attorney on several issues. He is smart and finds solutions when others cannot. HIGHLY recommend.

- Ari Leubitz

Great Knowledge and Guidance

We have been working with Clifford M. Weiss, Attorney for five years now. Cliff is very professional, responsive and has a great knowledge and guidance on legal issues. I would highly recommend Cliff as a legal counsel.

- Ena Fleming

Very Knowledgeable Lawyer

Great results. Very knowledgeable Lawyer. Exceeded expectations. Highly recommend.

- Cintya Poole

I Highly Recommend This Attorney

I’m extremely grateful for Mr. Weiss. No one ever wants to be in a position to need legal assistance, but he exceeded my expectations. He’s a very knowledgeable lawyer and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend this attorney and I’m very satisfied with the great results I got from him.

- Leah Walker

Professional First-Class Attorney Services

Very knowledgeable and professional first-class attorney services. Thorough with all documents and client friendly. Takes the necessary steps to help his clients understand both sides of the documents in terms of what it says and how it can be interpreted.

- Rodney Zimmerman

Knowledgeable, Practical, and Patient

I highly recommend him – knowledgeable, practical, and patient – thank you!

- Kevin Cranman

Reliable, Responsive and Conscientious

Knowledgeable lawyer, reliable, responsive and conscientious. Highly recommend.

- Michal Bonell

Highly Recommend!

Great results, very professional and knowledgeable!! Highly recommend!!

- Kimberly Knowles

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended!

- Charles Dasher

Exceeded My Expectations

Very knowledgeable lawyer – definitely exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!!

- Patrick Reynolds

Knowledgeable and Thorough

Cliff is knowledgeable and thorough. Will use again when needed!

- Shanna Bruflodt