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As an employer, you must ensure your employment contracts are well-written, valid, and enforceable. Otherwise, they won’t serve their purpose. As an employee, you need to know what you agree to and how to enforce the terms of the contract if the employer commits a breach.  

Attorney Clifford Weiss at Fox & Weiss, P.A. helps both employers and employees avoid legal disputes related to various aspects of employment law, including employment contracts, and resolve any disputes that may inevitably arise during employment.  

As an employment contracts attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, Attorney Clifford Weiss works to make sure his client’s legal matters are addressed diligently and professionally. He serves clients throughout Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, Bibb County, and surrounding areas. Contact his firm today for skilled representation in any employment contract matter.

An Overview of Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a formal agreement between an employer and an employee. It stipulates the terms and conditions of employment, including job duties, compensation, work hours, and other critical elements. Employment contracts can be written, oral, or implied, although written contracts offer the clearest terms and are easier to enforce legally. 

Common examples of contracts used in employment law matters include:  

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Permanent employment contracts

  • Temporary employment contracts

  • Fixed-term employment contracts

  • Part-time employment contracts

  • Casual employment contracts

  • Remote work agreements

  • 1099 employment contracts

  • Internship contracts

  • Apprenticeship agreements

Regardless of what type of employment contract you have, Attorney Clifford Weiss can help you set things right by providing trusted advice and counseling. 

Address Your Employment Contracts

What Is a Valid Employment Contract?

For an employment contract to be legally binding, it must meet certain conditions. These conditions ensure that the contract is fair and that both parties have willingly entered into the agreement. 

  1. Offer and acceptance. The contract starts with an offer from the employer, detailing the terms and conditions of the job. The employee must then accept these terms for the contract to be binding. Acceptance can be explicit (signed agreement) or implicit (starting work under the outlined terms). 

  1. Adequate consideration. Consideration refers to something of value that both parties agree to exchange. For employment contracts, this usually involves the employee providing labor in exchange for wages and benefits. Both parties must receive something of value for the contract to be valid. 

  1. Capacity. Both the employer and the employee must have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. For example, minors or individuals with certain impairments may lack the capacity to enter into legally binding agreements. 

  1. Legality. The terms and conditions outlined in the contract must be legal. Any clause that involves illegal activities or violates labor laws will render the contract unenforceable. 

When any of the parties to the contract (the employer or the employee) does not fulfill their contractual obligations, the other party can initiate a breach of contract claim. But before the non-breaching party is allowed to move forward, the court will first have to determine whether a valid employment contract exists.  

Why Should Employers Retain an Employment Contract Attorney? 

An employment contracts attorney works with employers to ensure that they comply with the law so that they can protect their business and their interests. Here are some of the services an attorney can offer:  

  • Drafting employment contracts. If you are an employer hiring a new employee or renewing your agreement with an existing one, an attorney can help you ensure that you have a well-drafted contract with the terms and conditions of employment that are clearly articulated and leave no room for misinterpretation.  

  • Ensuring legal compliance. Employment laws vary by jurisdiction and can change from time to time. An attorney will keep your employment contracts up-to-date with current laws, eliminating the risk of legal disputes. 

  • Offering customization. Each employment relationship is unique. Attorneys help tailor contracts to reflect the specific role, responsibilities, and expectations of the position, ensuring alignment with the company’s policies and culture. 

  • Making changes to employment contracts. Companies evolve, and so do the roles and responsibilities of employees within a company. An attorney can assist with making necessary amendments to employment contracts to reflect these changes.  

  • Terminating employment contracts. When an employer needs to terminate employment, an attorney can guide them through this process to make sure it is handled legally and ethically. This includes advising on the grounds for termination, notice periods, severance packages, and exit interviews.  

  • Handling employment contract disputes. Despite best efforts, disputes over employment contracts can arise. An attorney can help resolve these conflicts by acting as a mediator between the employer and employee to facilitate discussions and reach acceptable solutions or representing their client in court if the dispute goes to trial.  

Attorney Clifford Weiss possesses in-depth knowledge of employment law, contract law, and the latest regulatory developments. If you are an employer, you should see working with an attorney like Clifford Weiss as an investment in the long-term stability and success of your business.  

Why Should Employees Hire an Employment Contract Attorney?

Employees may also benefit from securing the guidance of an experienced attorney when dealing with employment contracts. Some of the services an attorney can offer include: 

  • Reviewing the contract terms to understand what you are agreeing to. Legal jargon and complex clauses can make it challenging for the average person to comprehend the full scope of what they are agreeing to. An attorney can simplify legalese, identify red flags, and assess contract fairness.  

  • Negotiating more favorable terms. Employment contracts are often open to negotiation, and having an attorney can enhance your bargaining power. This includes negotiating salary and benefits, work conditions, non-compete clauses, and many more.  

  • Making changes to an existing contract or creating a new contract. Employment contracts are not set in stone. Situations may arise when you need to modify your contract or draft a completely new contract. And without an attorney representing your interests, you may face opposition from your employer when trying to do it.   

  • Enforcing the terms of an existing contract. Whether it's about unpaid wages, benefits not provided, or other breaches, enforcing the terms of a contract is vital. An attorney can help take appropriate legal action to mitigate the impact of a breach and help you secure the compensation or relief you deserve. 

As someone who has reviewed, drafted, and negotiated hundreds of employment contracts in the metro Atlanta area, Attorney Clifford Weiss provides employees with legal protection, confidence, and peace of mind. 

Employment Contract Attorney Serving Atlanta, Georgia

Attorney Clifford Weiss at Fox & Weiss, P.A., regularly advises both employers and employees on contracts of employment. If you need help with your contract – whether drafting, negotiating, modifying, or enforcing it – or you have any questions about contractual terms, Attorney Clifford Weiss can help. Regardless of your situation, schedule a free consultation with an employment contracts attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today.