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Women Experience Discrimination at Work in Multiple Ways

April 14, 2021

There have been major strides taken over the last 100 years to ensure that women in Georgia have the same opportunities in the workplace as men. Many women work now and they are working in many different industries that historically were only occupied by men. No matter what type of job they work, it is important that women are treated the same as their male co-workers. This is where many companies can continue to make strides to ensure equality in the workplace.

Many people may have heard the term the “glass ceiling” which prohibits women from moving up to higher positions within companies. It appears that women have the same opportunities as men, but in reality men typically still hold the higher positions within companies. This is a common issue within the workforce in the U.S., but it is certainly not the only type of situation where women may experience a lack of equality in the workplace.

Common Forms of Sex Discrimination for Women

According to a study, 42% of women stated that they had experienced some form of discrimination at work. The most common form of discrimination women experienced was that they were paid less than men doing the same job. The study indicated that 25% of the women said that they had been paid less.

Other complaints were that they were not treated as competent to do the job (23%). Women stated that they had received repeated slights (16%). They also received less support form superiors than men (15%); were passed over for the more important assignments (10%); felt isolated (9%); been denied promotions (7%) or denied jobs (7%).

That level of discrimination is alarming and something that needs to change. Women who have been discriminated in that manner may be entitled to compensation though. The compensation can include back pay, pay for lost benefits and other damages the person suffers as a result of the discrimination.

As people can see from the study above, employers in Georgia still have work to do to ensure equality in the workplace between men and women. It is important that this changes and women receive all of the same opportunities as men based on their qualifications and not their gender. It is also important that women be compensated when they experience discrimination. These can be complicated matters though and consulting with experienced, knowledgeable attorneys could be beneficial.