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Representing Businesses and Individuals in Employment Disputes

The legal team at Fox & Weiss, P.A., has decades of experience negotiating and litigating employment disputes for both employees and businesses. We understand the effects of actions taken by opposing counsel and can anticipate their actions based on case law and the circumstances of the dispute. This allows us to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. We represent clients in a wide range of employment disputes, including:

We help clients in all industries throughout the Atlanta metro area.

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Developing Workplace Training, Programs, and Employee Handbooks

Our experience in the courtroom and at the negotiating table gives us keen insights into how to develop programs for employers to avoid employment disputes. We work with businesses to create employee handbooks, conduct supervisor training programs, and develop workplace policies to deal with issues such as:

  • Affirmative action plans

  • Discrimination and harassment policies

  • Noncompete, nonsolicitation, and nondisclosure agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Severance agreements

We also work with businesses to set up policies and procedures that prevent employee disputes from happening in the first place. Included are protocols for dealing with disputes should they arise. This includes issues such as:

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Unfair labor practices

  • Disability claims

  • Unemployment claims/taxes

  • Wrongful discharge

  • OSHA charges

Our goal is to help businesses establish procedures and policies that create a workplace environment where the chances of employee disputes are minimized as much as possible.

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